“The travel and Tourism Industry, it’s just a huge part of our economy”
-Karen Hughes, French-American Politician

Tourism serves many purposes and provides benefits for everyone and everything involved, from the traveler to the people serving those travelers, along with the cities, states and countries that are being traveled. Tourism brings people together and opens our eyes to a variety of cultures and beliefs that we may not have had a chance to experience. Whether traveling a short distance or halfway around the world, there is something to see or learn and fun to be had.

The Traveler

Not only does the sheer fact of traveling to new places bring joy and fun to the traveler, but also relaxation and a break from the everyday routine of life. When traveling across borders, being exposed to diverse cultures can help gain a new perspective and appreciation on life. Being immersed in a different city or country opens the door for new learning experiences and becoming more culturally knowledgeable. There are new and fun experiences waiting for those that are just traveling to the next state over or to the beach a few hours away. No matter the distance, traveling opens the opportunity to make memories, escape ordinary life, have some fun, and recharge.

The People

One of the world’s leading employers is tourism. Vacationers and explorers provide a warm place to stay and food on the table for many families, whether by simply purchasing a cup of coffee, attending a cultural event, or staying at a five-star hotel. It is also apparent that tourism creates a sense of pride among those serving tourists in regards to their community and heritage, which they are always happy to share with visitors.

The City/State/Country

Local economies are greatly affected by tourism in multiple aspects. Tourism supports a variety of businesses and industries, from the restaurant and transportation industries to the hotel and attraction industries, and everything in-between. Many destinations and its population rely on tourism dollars. The money that tourists spend contributes to tax revenues, jobs, income, sales, lodging, transportation, retail, and much more. The importance of tourism on the economy shouldn’t be overlooked.

The unique characteristics, environment, events, and attractions specific to each city, state, or country is what draws people to visit. It is up to each destination to capitalize on its strengths to appeal to their audience and lure tourists to the area. This is where CVBs and DMOs come into play to market to those people whom will enjoy that specific destination’s features. As we just learned the value of tourism for the economy, citizens, and travelers, let’s get out and plan that much needed trip and keep the cycle going.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”
-Saint Augustine